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Mobility measuring instrument


Clinical effect:

Mobility measuring instrument is used to measure the stability of oral or craniofacial implants. It is a complete diagnostic system for judging the stability of implants. It provides dental doctors with accurate, consistent and reliable Measuring tool; in the past, dentists often used experience to judge the weight-bearing period of implant treatment.

Mobility measuring instrument can help dental doctors to scientifically judge the best time for implant weight, and it is an ideal auxiliary tool; it can accurately measure the initial stability of implants. In the two-stage implant surgery today, it can perform Two measurements; and quite accurate, it can detect the degree of osseointegration at any time to determine a good weight-bearing period.

Product Specifications:

Product model: WJ-DC-001

Input power: 5VDC 1VA

Charger input: 100~240VAC 5V

Charger safety level: EN 60601-1-1 level

Instrument safety level: EN 60601-ME class1/EMC 60601-2. Class B

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