Why do doctors like to extract wisdom teeth?

Issuing time:2020-11-07 13:33

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Most wisdom teeth are hidden dangers in the oral cavity. Just before, a picture that counted the "ten sins" of wisdom teeth

Wen, friends, feel about the hidden problems of wisdom teeth.

Some people are reluctant to extract their wisdom teeth because of the old concept of "parents whose bodies are affected by hair and skin." Some people are afraid of temporary pain and condone their wisdom teeth for years. In other words, wisdom teeth have caused a tragedy.

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Why does the seemingly normal periodontal swell frequently?

Why did the strong and powerful second molar die?

Scrubbing carefully twice a day, where does the bad mouth smell come from?

Behind all this is the distortion of teeth or the loss of morality?

Let's take a look at the contest between wisdom teeth and other teeth in the oral cavity.

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Crime 1:

Wisdom teeth lean on the second molars, causing caries in adjacent teeth

Crime two:

Wisdom teeth are overcast and incomplete eruption can cause local swelling and pain

Crime three:

Wisdom teeth are incorrectly positioned, making it difficult to clean teeth

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Crime four:

Root resorption of adjacent teeth caused by insufficient jaw space

Crime five:

Odontogenic cysts or tumors caused by wisdom teeth

Crime six:

Wisdom teeth have deep caries, which may affect dental nerves

Crime Seven:

Wisdom teeth are not too long, easy to bite into the opposite gum

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Crime eight:

Unexpected pain, suspected of unexplained neuralgia or suspicious lesions due to impaction

Crime nine:

Wisdom teeth are removed according to the orthodontic plan to provide clearance

Crime ten:

Nothing wrong, but your master heard that wisdom teeth have to be removed

To be honest, the tenth sin is really "unnecessary". The first few are indeed problems with wisdom teeth and need to be removed. But some people’s wisdom teeth are normally erupted and occluded. They can be used as third molars to share the task of chewing, or other positions but do not affect oral health at all. In this case, wisdom teeth do not need to be removed.

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The last popular science tip

Wisdom teeth are the third molars of human beings. With the development of society, the food that humans eat has become more and more refined, the jaw bones are gradually degraded, and the space in the oral cavity is insufficient. Wisdom teeth, as the latest teeth to erupt, can only grow casually if there is no place. Oral problems.

How do you judge whether you have wisdom teeth?

Open your mouth and look in the mirror, counting from the front tooth on one side. The eighth is the wisdom tooth.

为什么医生都喜欢拔智齿 (7).jpg

Some friends watched it for a long time, but only counted 7. It may be good news, but there is no wisdom teeth. It may also be worse news. The wisdom teeth are completely ambush, and the hidden dangers and the difficulty of extraction are relatively high. It is recommended that you take pictures and observe your wisdom teeth regularly even if there is no pain.

I wish everyone wisdom teeth are not a scourge, they look good~

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Many people often ask: Should wisdom teeth be removed? In general, dentists will advocate removal of wisdom teeth based on the following reasons:

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1. Dental caries:

If wisdom tooth decay, in addition to simple occlusal caries that are not deep can be repaired, those adjacent surface caries require excellent technology, and the decay is very deep, and even need root canal treatment, we all advocate removal to prevent future problems.

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2. Invade adjacent teeth:

It is difficult for ordinary patients to find out on their own, and it is necessary for a dentist to diagnose it by X-ray. Generally, there is a lack of space for the initiation of wisdom teeth, and will fall on the second molars, which makes it difficult to clean the second molars, and even the appearance of partial absorption of the teeth, resulting in discomfort or toothache.

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3. Lack of space:

Wisdom teeth belong to a state of disappearance in the history of human evolution. Therefore, the dental arch is getting smaller and smaller, and the lack of space is common. Swelling and pain can be felt most at the time of initiation. Many people decide to remove their wisdom teeth because they cannot bear this pain.

4. Cleaning is not easy:

Because of the lack of space, wisdom teeth often grow crookedly, which makes it difficult to clean the teeth and easily leads to dental caries.

为什么医生都喜欢拔智齿 (12).jpg

5. No gritted teeth:

As mentioned earlier, not everyone will have all four wisdom teeth. Therefore, if the opposite side of the wisdom tooth does not have a matching wisdom tooth to bite, sometimes the wisdom tooth will be overemerged, which will affect the bite.

6. Impacted teeth:

Generally this is the most annoying one, and the dentist finds it difficult to deal with it, but the patient may not feel it, so it is ignored. This type of tooth is generally buried in the alveolar bone. If it is painful, or when it is diagnosed that there will be a lesion, it needs to be removed.

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