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Answer: Dental handpieces are classified into two types: ball bearing type and air bearing type according to the different working methods of the bearings used.
Answer: The vortex rotor is the core component of the machine head. It is composed of a bearing, a wind wheel and a core shaft. There are two miniature bearings inside the machine head and an O-shaped
Answer: There are many ways to clamp the needle in the machine head. In the early days, the reed type clamp needle was used, that is, there are 3 uniformly divided bow-shaped reeds in the mandrel. Whe
Answer: There are branch water pipes and air pipes at the tail of the turbophone. The water and air are mixed at the outlet of the nose and sprayed out from the spray hole in the form of mist.

Answer: The mobile phone connector is the connection between the mobile phone and the output hose of the host.

Answer: Insufficient water flow in dental handpieces is a common fault of dental handpieces.
Answer: The bur is too loose and easy to fall off. You can start with the following 4 aspects.
Answer: The rotating principle of a dental handpiece is similar to that of a windmill. Flowing air with a certain pressure enters the air hole along the main airway. The high-speed airflow generates t
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