6. What should I do if the water supply of the dental handpiece is not smooth?

Issuing time:2020-12-01 15:36

Question: What should I do if the water supply of the dental handpiece is not smooth

Answer: Insufficient water flow in dental handpieces is a common fault of dental handpieces. When the water flow of pneumatic high-speed turbines or contra-angle handpieces is not smooth, such as insufficient water supply, uneven water supply, no mist, or no water at all, there are generally the following four the reason. The following points should be checked first.

Fourth, check where the water is blocked

1. Pipeline: Remove the turbine handpiece, and check whether a proper amount of water flows from the pipeline. If there is no water flowing out, it may be a problem with the water pipe or the water supply system of the comprehensive treatment table (poor contact or malfunction, and insufficient water pressure of the water source).

2. Interface: Connect the interface to the wire for trial operation. If the right amount of water does not flow out, it indicates that there is a problem at the interface (scale, etc. block the water supply system or the interface is loose, causing insufficient pressure).

3. Mobile phone body: After removing the shaft core from the turbine, install the interface for operation. If the right amount of water does not flow out, it is a problem in the body of the turbine (the water supply hole is clogged with dirt or the water supply system in the turbine is blocked).

4. Shaft core: If the above 3 items of water supply normally flow out, it is the shaft core problem (the water supply nozzle is blocked).

Five, the light is slow or does not light up

Reasons: 1. The rotor sticks after being left unused for a long time or the temperature is low 2. No lubricant 3. The motor or LED light is damaged

Solution: 1. Adjust the working air to 0.4MPA and run it 2. Add lubricating oil 3. Replace the motor or LED light

6. Common problems and solutions of dental handpieces

During the inspection, the bearings were found to be dirty, mostly due to the accumulation of debris.

1. Check the water and air supply of the dental chair;

2. Rinse the phone with phone cleaner before sterilization;

3. Replace the bearing. Use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean the phone shell when installing the new bearing.

During inspection, it was found that the bearing turned black, mostly due to high sterilization temperature and accumulation of debris

1. Complete the above steps first;

2. Check the sterilization furnace, and if necessary, ask professionals to check the temperature of the sterilization process.

Bearing often damaged

1. Complete the above steps first;

2. Check whether the phone head (including the inner surface) is damaged;

3. The bearing should only be repaired once, if damage occurs again, it should be replaced with a new bearing;

4. Replace the O-ring in time;

5. Try to use short burs instead of severely worn burs;

6. When repairing the bearing, follow the prescribed operating techniques;

7. Every patient must be maintained after treatment.

The bur cannot be fixed in the push-type mobile phone, mostly due to the accumulation of debris or the bur is too large

The solution is the same as that of the inability to fix the bur.

Reduced working torque or efficiency, ball wear or air pipe obstruction are the main reasons for this situation


1. Check the wear condition of the balls and replace them if they are worn;

2. Replace the O-ring;

3. Check the trachea of the mobile phone, and ask a professional for repair if it is not smooth.

Ball wear of maintenance-free bearings

1. Do not rinse this kind of mobile phone;

2. Do not use "maintenance-free" mobile phones and general mobile phones in the same clinic.

Bearing rust Under normal circumstances, the bearing will not rust, but there is accumulation of debris, and it may rust when it is in a wet state.

3. Rinse and dry the mobile phone after each patient is treated. Do not put the wet mobile phone in a paper bag for sterilization

The bur jitters when the bearing is rotating, which is often caused by the bending of the bur or the deviation of the center position of the spindle

1. Check whether the bur is bent;

2. If the bur is not deformed, the mandrel needs to be replaced;

3. Don't use big bur and long bur;

Seven, the problems that should be paid attention to in the use of dental handpieces

1. When using the mobile phone, you must be careful, meticulous, and slight. It is strictly forbidden to perform brutal operations, and do not drop the mobile phone to the ground;

2. Regardless of the angle, you should follow the up and down lifting method to operate, do light touch, jog, and do not force sideways.

3. Use improved pen-holding style to hold the phone, find a stable fulcrum, and operate intermittently.

4. According to different tooth positions and different shapes of prepared holes, replace the mobile phone and bur in time to minimize the wear of the mobile phone bearings.

5. To use sharp burs, blunt burs are not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also damage the mobile phone and increase the suffering of patients.

6. When using the mobile phone, check whether the bur is loose or not, so as not to cause flying needles.

7. Choose different mobile phones according to different clinical situations (for example, use a mini mobile phone that does not affect the line of sight when the posterior tooth is opened; use a strong and high-torque mobile phone in tooth preparation)

8. One-time workload is too large, so two mobile phones should be used in turn to avoid overloading the mobile phone from damaging the mobile phone, and secondly, to save the time of replacing the mobile phone.

9. The mobile phone core swings severely in the radial direction. It is strictly prohibited to use it when it moves longitudinally, and it is strictly prohibited to use the mobile phone when there is no water or water.

10. Air pressure and water pressure will change with how much the treatment table is used. Therefore, the air pressure and water pressure should be checked frequently during clinical operation to ensure the normal use of the mobile phone.

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